About Us

Our Story

Our story started with a typical 9-5 job. Low salary, not many savings, and still dreaming about our future, the typical retire early and travel the world dream most of us have.

Money saved is money earned! The problem with that is, nobody knows how to save money. The simple way to look at it is not to spend money earned by the end of the month. However, that is easier said than done. We were quite the savers ourselves, so we kept a small portion of our salary in the bank every month. However, as soon as we had a good amount collected, we often got tempted into buying things we wouldn't normally buy with EMIs. Like a big TV or a Smartphone or a good Music system.

Heard of the other quote? - Out of Sight is Out of Mind!

Clearly, we needed to make sure we don't see the money we were saving every month. If we don't see it lying around in our bank, we won't be tempted to buy things.