How to Start a Free Blog in 2020!

The word Free excites so much emotion! It grabs your attention no matter the product or service being showcased. If something is free, you incline to grab it, regardless of the need for it! Click To Tweet

Similarly, even though a self-hosted Blog is so much better in every single sense, yet people always look for ways to have a Blog they can monetize FOR FREE!

The below guide will help you achieve exactly that! It will guide you step by step on how you can start your own Free Blog in 2020!

This is Old Content, we do not publish Digital Marketing Content anymore. We have kept this intact, as it is beneficial for the users.

Blogging Basics

I hope you are all clear about what a Blog is and how does one uses it. Also, what can you include in it! If you aren’t clear, I’d suggest going through my other post right here before moving forward. That post will also give you a taste of what a self-hosted blog looks like!

Blogger Platform

The Blogger platform is the second most favorite platform after WordPress. It offers a lot of smooth and intuitive experience to the bloggers. Not only is it free, but, since it is run by Google hence the integration of AdSense account lets you monetize your Blog as well!

If it offers so much why go for paid options right?

Well here are some of the downsides to the platform:

  • The name of your Blog becomes too long and un-professional
    • is too long!
  • Limited templates/themes, colors, only google fonts, and limited overall placement of text and images.
  • Since the platform is hosted by Google all your images are hosted by Picasa (google platform) and hence if anything goes wrong at Picasa your images will not show up on your Blog. While this might not be a deal-breaker for a lot of people but if you use a lot of media on your Blog (food, restaurant, review, fashion, photography, etc, niches worst affected) then this becomes a problem! In fact, I had faced similar problems on Blogger when I started my Blogging journey (screenshots below). It took them close to 15 days to resolve the issue of the images disappearing from Blogs! Do you know how much money you could lose in those 15 days?
Blogger platform forum image
All the pictures of the Blog disappeared on
Blogger platform forum image
Pictures back up 15 days later!

Enough negativity! Free platforms always have their nuances to be dealt with. Let’s move on to how you can start your Journey!

Where do I Start?

Go to to arrive to a similar screen like below:

Blogger homepage

Click on Create Your Blog button. You will be redirected to the Google/Gmail Sign in page (below).

Google sign in page

Like I pointed out before, Blogger is a Google property, and hence to create a Blog on, you need to have a Google account. Log in to the platform to see a screen like below.

Choose the name for your Blog here. The name of the Blog can be anything. It will not give you an error here even if some other Blog has the same name as yours. The only time it will show you the error is when you choose the URL of your blog! Remember, the URL you choose will have attached to it, and hence make sure not to choose too big a name! If the URL you choose is already taken, it will give you an error, and you will have to choose again!

It allowed me to choose Test as Blog name but not the URL as it is already taken

Check this out – Tips on choosing a good Blog name

The last of the initial steps is choosing your Author name that gets displayed along with your Blog posts. People can also click directly on your Author profile to read more about you.

Below is the welcome screen to your Blog building platform. This is shown to only you, and this isn’t how your Blog will actually look like. This is where the Blog takes its shape, and all the settings are set.

Blogger - Blog editing space

Check the gallery below that showcases all the menu items available for editing the Blog look!

How Do I Start?

Click on the “+ New Post” button, and you will be guided to the post writing/editing section of the Blog.

Blogger - Post editing options

As you can see from the above image, the editing tools are similar to Microsoft Word tools. So start typing and editing. You have two buttons on the top right – Preview and Publish. Preview lets you look at how to Blog post will appear to the visitors on the front end. This is your best friend so use this option a lot until you want to Publish.

Once you have everything you need, click on the Publish button, and publish your first Blog Post!

Post settings

As is visible from the Blogger Post editing image, there are a few options on the right. Use them all to help you with SEO in the long run!


Use the right labels to help your visitors pick the right post for reading and Google to make sense of your data!

Published On

With Published On settings, you can publish your post automatically at any given date and time. So if you write your posts at night, and your audience is more interested in reading in the morning or day, different time zones, or something. By modifying this section, you can tell Blogger to publish your post accordingly!

With the Permalink settings, you can either let Blogger decide a URL for your post, or you can choose the Custom settings to set a shorter/more crisp URL.


The Location feature is optional and is more useful for some niches like a restaurant review, food review, fashion, etc. since these people like to specify where their visitors can lay their hands off the goodies or food!


The last option is well…Options! However, there are not many options in this section. You can only choose between allowing people to comment or hiding the option to do so!


You can start monetization of your Blog i.e. start earning income from it once you receive approval from the Google AdSense team. When you start your Blog journey on Blogger that is the only option available for Ads as compared to the multitude of option available through a good dozen Advertisers on a self hosted Blog.

How to earn from your Blog


You will need approx. 15-20 good articles (1000+ words) that bring value to their readers i.e. informational and/or useful. Also, in some countries, the requirement is for the Blog to be at least 6 months old. It goes without saying that the content needs to be original and not copied! The content also needs to be fresh and the posts should be written regularly. You need to post regularly i.e. a good number of people should visit your blog every week.

These are estimates provided by most people out there. Google hasn’t explicitly noted the requirements anywhere. So that means that a person could get AdSense approval much earlier or much late depending on how far they are from the estimates written above!

Final Word

While the above steps are all that you need to start your Blogging journey on Blogger/ If you still decide at some point to start more professionally or whenever you are ready to commit some amount or have enough to earn enough then do consider starting a self-hosted WordPress Blog.

If you would like to understand everything visually I will be posting a video soon. It is a complete visual aid of how you can start your Blogger blogging journey! Follow this space or Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for the same!

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