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Viipin I


Viipin explains the art and science of ATS resume writing like no other in this world! He extends help to all i.e. fresher to experienced by offering free ATS resume review match scores. His ATS template has been downloaded over 41000 times!

His Clients have been interviewed by World's Top Organizations like Amazon, Deloitte, Infosys, Wipro, EY, UNESCO, Estee Lauder, etc. Connect with him on LinkedIn and you'll see social proofs of all the people he has helped so far!

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Attract career opportunities that match your skills, knowledge, expertise and experience
  • There is no reason why you should rely on others to write your resume when it is yours.

  • Learn how to write an ATS compliant resume and pass the filters - it is not rocket science.

  • Your resume will attract interviews but keep in mind that then you need to crack them.

  • A CV is not a resume and vice versa; you must thoroughly understand their differences.

  • This is a skill you will acquire that will help you for the rest of your professional career.

  • There are hundreds of applicants per career opportunity; you really need to stand out.



A big Thank You to everyone for their kind words
“I came to know about your Resume mentoring service through Linkedin and the way you helped me to make an ATS Resume changed my Career. I have started getting Interviews after applying your strategy from everywhere where I'm applying. Thank you Viipin, I will highly recommend you to my friends who are struggling to get interview calls.”
“I have utilized different resume services which did not meet my expectations then I got in touch with Viipin on Linkedin, and the way he mentored me to make my resume on my own changed everything for me. Thank you, Viipin Sir.”
“I'm really thankful to Viipin for his proficiency, dedication and meticulousness displayed by him in developing my CV according to the ATS norms.”
“I recommend everyone to avail his complete mentorship programme; he is not only a great mentor, in fact, an amazing human being so helpful and kind. In just 20 days, I am getting several interviews every day. ”

"I approached to Viipin thru Linkedin as I was following his posts for two months and found him exceptionally knowledgeable about ATS. I signed up for his Resume mentorship, and I don't have words to express my feelings. He is a fantastic mentor and an amazing human being.
He helped me secure my dream organisation's interviews by mentoring me about the ATS system to achieve a match rate of 87%.
I must say if you are struggling to get Interviews, then Viipin is the Real Deal."


“Gratitude! Viipin is an outstanding mentor; after getting cheated by many Resume Writers in the name of ATS, I reached to Viipin, and he mentored me like the way none did.
He taught me well, and now I never have to depend on someone to write my Resume and pass the ATS.
Thank you, Viipin Sir; stay blessed.”


“I love the way of his mentoring 1-to-1 online session. I have started getting the interviews after his Resume Mentorship program, for which I was struggling for nine months. He knows actually what ATS is, and the way he mentored me was outstanding.
I give him 5 Star!”



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