New LinkedIn Feature | Here’s What LinkedIn Didn’t Tell You!

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LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature for all its users. A feature that lets you personalize your profile further. However, the way they have put it across does not seem like an exciting or even a necessary aspect of a profile.

That begs the question, what is LinkedIn not telling us? If you want to know what the new feature does and what seems to be a miss, then scroll down to find out more.

This is Old Content, we do not publish Digital Marketing Content anymore. We have kept this intact, as it is beneficial for the users.

The New LinkedIn Feature

LinkedIn now allows you to add a pronunciation of your name in your voice. So the next time you visit somebody’s profile before meeting them in real life, you can go ahead and prepare better for the first impression. Pronunciation of the name is quite critical for some people. While some people don’t mind if someone doesn’t quite get it right at the first go, most of them feel offended.

The Speculation

Now I am sure you are asking yourself the following question – “This seems like a pretty straightforward feature. What is there to understand or speculate about?”

Well, then let me ask you this question – “How long will it take to record your name?”

Go ahead and say it in your mind. I’ll be waiting in the next paragraph!

Done already?

Well, it took you at max 3 seconds, right? My complete name has 14 letters, and it took me 2 secs flat!

Confused why i asked you to do the above exercise?

Well LinkedIn has given us 10 seconds to record our name!

Still think the new feature is straightforward?

Think about it. Nobody’s name is so long that it will take them 10 seconds to complete (there are some exceptions I agree).

Hence, I tried something else while recording, and it surprisingly fit in 10 seconds!

This amazed me! Gosh! So this is what LinkedIn wants us to do with our 10 seconds of record time!

The Hidden Gem

LinkedIn introduced this feature so that you can go ahead and give a brief introduction about yourself to your visitors! Click To Tweet

That’s right! Try it out! In just 10 seconds, you can explain what you are currently doing and/or what you are currently looking for.

This is the perfect marketing opportunity to present yourself! Students can use this feature to tell recruiters what they excel at and what opportunity they are looking forward to. Professionals can introduce their achievements to recruiters, and fellow professionals and also businesses, as well as freelancers, can tell people the kind of service being provided by them!

I, too, recorded myself, and I greet my visitors with my name and the fact that I am a blogger running a Blog called SuccessChakkho! [Took me 6 seconds to record!] 🙂

Want to know how to use this feature? Watch the video below.

P.S. – If you’re old-school and prefer reading things, skip the video and read the explanation below.

How to Start Using This Feature?

The new feature can only be used on their mobile app for now!

Step – 1

Click on the Upper Left-hand corner i.e., on your profile icon and click on ‘View Profile.’

LinkedIn's Profile Menu Icon
LinkedIn Profile Menu

Step – 2

Click on the Edit option on the right-hand side of your name section. It will take you to the edit page. You will find the new setting option – ‘Name pronunciation.’

LinkedIn's Profile Edit icon
LinkedIn Edit Profile Setting

Step – 3

Click on the edit icon to start recording your voice. As soon as you click, it will show a Play/Pause button. Click on it to begin recording! The timer goes for 10 seconds. You can also stop the recording with the Pause button once you feel you are done.

LinkedIn's Name pronunciation settings
LinkedIn Name pronunciation setting

Once you are satisfied, you can click on Save and exit the Edit mode. The sound icon should be visible next to your name. Click on it to confirm what you have just recorded. This is precisely how it will be shown to people who visit your profile. [Example below]

LinkedIn's Profile Name Pronunciation Icon
Sound Icon for New Feature

To Summarize

Go ahead and try this feature out the correct way! This feature alone will make your profile super unique. While most other options available on LinkedIn are shared by a large number of people, for example, education, job, interests, skills, achievements, etc. This is a feature that can set you apart from the crowd. Every person can introduce themselves in a way that provides a remarkable first impression to everyone who visits them!

Let me know your experience in the comments section below. If you had fun trying out this feature, then subscribe to this Blog. I always try and grab the latest features introduced in the Digital World that can help you survive and grow!

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